About Us

Take a deep breath…ahhhhhh…the freshest salt ocean air that your lungs have ever known! Welcome to paradise in the middle of the frigid North Atlantic ocean, a magical land where you can get lost and find yourself all in the same moment.    

The windswept shores of Newfoundland were first discovered by the Viking Commander Leif Ericsson, whose Viking long ships landed at L'anse Aux Meadows in the year 1024, Ericsson officially named this new found land Vinland. Giovanni Caboto followed over 500 years later in 497 and firmly planted the British flag in Newfoundland soil at Cape Bonavista, and Newfoundland became the first colony of the British Empire. Four Hundred and fifty years after Caboto landed on “the rock”, in the year 1949, Newfoundland voted to join Canada and became Canada’s 10th province.

Newfoundland is a treasure to explore. With over 15,000 kilometers of coastline, Newfoundland is home to many quaint fishing villages, beautiful outports and spectacular bays where every corner you turn around there is another piece of nature’s art. From the striking Fjords of Gros Morne to the East Coast hiking trail, breathtaking views await your arrival. Immerse yourself in days of exploring fishing villages like Petty Harbour, St. Lawrence or Quidi Vidi. Sit seaside in St. Vincents and watch the playful giant humpback whales as they put on a private show just for you. Pull up a chair in Twillingate as Giant icebergs slide quietly down the Labrador current and provide an icey theater for berg fans. Or head to witless bay and join the Puffin Patrol and help to save wayward baby Puffins who will be rejoined with their family on Puffin Island.

Of course the real stars of the show are the locals themselves. Newfoundland was originally settled by the Saxons of West England and the Celts from Ireland, and a friendlier bunch of people you will not meet. This isolated population created a unique culture that is based on family and friendship, kitchen parties and garden parties, and there is always time for afternoon tea with friends. Don’t be surprised to be invited home for a Jiggs dinner or homemade blueberry pie from someone who but a few moments ago was a stranger. The spirit of kindness and hospitality are alive and well in this corner of the world. In fact the award winning broadway musical Come From Away is based on the kindness of Newfoundlanders. In Newfoundland we have a saying: meet as strangers and leave as friends. Come fall in love with the middle of nowhere: Newfoundland.  

At the heart of our brand is a love for Newfoundland, its places, its people and its culture. In curating our collections we have crisscrossed every nook and cranny of this beautiful island to bring you the most authentic Newfoundland gifts possible. For us one of the best parts of this brand is bringing Newfoundland to the world and in return bringing the world to Newfoundland. Whether you are finding us for that perfect Newfoundland gift or for inspiration for a bucket list trip to our unique corner of the world, we are happy to meet you. Make yourself at home and stay awhile. Feel free to contact us about all things Newfoundland! You can connect with us at buddy@newfoundland.com. And please feel free to share your Newfoundland stories, pictures, experiences or connections on our socials, FB: Newfoundland.com or IG:Newfoundland.com